Trail Class Request

Organised by:
MELS (E-Learn Dot Com Limited, HK)



The Objective of the trail class:
Many children do not like to learn remotely with zoom (or could not learn well via remote learning). Our teacher will assess the child's readiness in remote learning and the level of coding knowledge. Each session is 20-25 minutes.
Once confirmed, we will reply with the details to the email/phone number.

For enquiries:
whatsapp: +60164225290

How to join:
1. Register for the competition. Limited number of participants, registration will be on first come-first serve basis.
2. Every week, we will post a lesson for the participants.
You will learn and get to know the aspects of coding required in the coming competition.
3. Sign in on the time and date of the competition and join the competition.

Registration: 10th Aug,2021
Date & Time of The Competition:
10:00-10:30am 4th September,2021.

For enquiries:

whatsapp: +60164225290