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MELS Products
My 1st Book
Counting, Colours, Shapes, Opposites, Words, A-Z
This is suitable for children’s age 2-3.
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Phonics Programme
MELS-44 is a Montessori based phonics programme. It covers 44 phonemes in three levels: 1. Letter A to Z; 2. CVC words, initial & final blends, double consonants and Digraphs; 3. Phonograms.
This is suitable for children age 3-6.
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MELS Essentials
There are four essential parts: grammar, Writing, Comprehension and Reading. This is suitable for children’s age 6-12.
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MELS Intermediate
This is the extended version of MELS Essentials. Children will learn Grammar, Writing, Comprehension, Listening and Speaking Skills. This is suitable for children’s age 12-15.
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MELS Mobile
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1.Basic and Essential Knowledge and Values
2.Multimedia Learning Environment
3.A complete learning system
4.We provide tested teaching methods