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Printing Instruction for Phonics

1. Download this activeX and install the smsx.exe on your computer.

2. Choose the sticker that you want to print.
Letter A-Z
1001-1012 1013-1024 1025-1036 1037-1048 1049-1052 
Bronze A Vocabulary(pictures)
2001-2012 2013-2024 2025-2036 2037-2048 2049-2052 
Bronze Vocabulary(words):
3001-3012 3013-3024 3025-3036 3037-3048 
3049-3060 3061-3072 3073-3080 
Bronze B Vocabulary(pictures)
LB1001-LB1012 LB1013-LB1024 LB1025-LB1030 
Bronze B Vocabulary(words)
LB2001-LB2012 LB2013-LB2024 LB2025-LB2030 
Silver A Vocabulary(pictures)
ML4001-ML4012 ML4013-ML4024 ML4025-ML4027 
Silver A Vocabulary(words)
ML5001-ML5012 ML5013-ML5024 ML5025-ML5027 
Silver B Vocabulary(pictures)
LS1001-LS1012 LS1013-LS1024 LS1025-LS1032 
Silver B Vocabulary(words)
LS2001-LS2012 LS2013-LS2024 LS2025-LS2032 
Gold A Vocabulary(pictures)
ML6001-ML6012 ML6013-ML6024 ML6025-ML6036 ML6037-ML6048 ML6049-ML6051 
Gold A Vocabulary(words)
ML7001-ML7012 ML7013-ML7024 ML7025-ML7036 ML7037-ML7048 ML7049-ML7051 
Gold B Vocabulary(pictures)
LG1001-LG1012 LG1013-LG1024 LG1025-LG1036 LG1037 
Gold B Vocabulary(pictures)
LG2001-LG2012 LG2013-LG2024 LG2025-LG2036 LG2037 

3. Choose the sticker that you want to print.

4. Click on the print below

5. Before printing, set the paper size to A4 and set the margin for 4 sides to minimum
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